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Our Academic Year programme enables students to significantly improve their English level, study skills and their chances of entering a UK university.

This course is very flexible with a range of different options, and is always tailored to the needs of the student. For example, if a student already has a good level of English and wants to focus on academic skills (perhaps Writing or IELTS), these study elements will be built into the student’s individual programme.

Students starting the Academic Year programme at B1 level or below will be encouraged to study General English in the mornings and afternoons for the first term, with the option of including some study skills as part of the morning programme.

Key facts

On our Academic Year course, you will:

  • Progress to a high level in all areas of English including grammar, vocabulary, speaking, listening, pronunciation, reading and writing
  • Prepare for the exams you need if you plan to go to an English-speaking college or university
  • Join any of our full-time standard courses as part of your Academic Year programme at no extra cost

Age range

The minimum age is 16. Most of our Academic Year students are 16 – 19.

Course length

The Academic Year programme is either:

  • 9 months or
  • 6 months

It may also be possible to study for periods between 6 and 9 months, if required: please contact us with specific dates.

Course in detail

All students in our Academic Year course will substantially improve their English language knowledge and communication skills. There are 6 options, and students can switch from any option to any other option(s) during the course, with guidance from their tutors or the school Academic team.


Please note that Academic Year students starting at CEFR B1 level or below must follow our General English course for at least one term before joining any Study Skills course.

One-to-one tuition

One-to-one tuition is available at all times, and can be combined with all of the options above.


A personal tutor is assigned to each student, and there are tutorials every four weeks to discuss and monitor individual progress. If required, reports can be provided to parents regularly.

Class sizes

The maximum number of students in Academic Skills classes is 8, and 15 in General English classes.


All options include up to 2 hours’ homework per day.

Course dates

Students can start on any Monday, throughout the year.


We have an excellent reputation for the quality of our local host families, where breakfast and dinner is provided, plus lunch at the weekends. Homestay is available over the Christmas holidays too, if required.

For students age 18+ we may also have spaces available in our top-quality student apartments, but this depends upon existing bookings.

Included in the course fees

  • All tuition & tutorials
  • All course materials
  • Access to all facilities in the school, including the school's ICT suite
  • Free super-fast WiFi throughout the school
  • Access to all school activities, including Pub Night and weekend excursions
  • Registration fee

Not included

  • Accommodation (the price depends upon which accommodation type is selected)
  • Accommodation finding fee (if applicable)
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