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Our homestay option – learn about British culture and practise your English Enrol now

The advantages of homestay

Homestay single room

Single room in homestay

Most of our students choose our homestay option. Living with Oxford residents is a great way to learn more about the UK and British culture, and of course it's a lot easier in many ways than living in an apartment, as the host does all the food shopping and cooking, the cleaning, and even your laundry!

300 homestay families

We have some 400 homestay families in and around Oxford. Every homestay is different and we always do our very best to place students in a homestay that matches their needs as closely as possible – though of course, to do this we need clear and accurate information from students at the time of booking.

Please also consider that the earlier you book your homestay, the easier it is for us to find what you’re looking for. In the summer especially, there is great demand for homestay places, and last-minute requests are more difficult to meet.

What you get

In a homestay your breakfast and evening meal are provided (lunch at weekends, too); your laundry is done for you (although you can usually do it yourself too, if you prefer); and you have a warm, safe home to come back to after an exhausting day in school!

What you need to bring with you

Just as if you're going on holiday, you need to bring your own toiletries (shampoo, shower gel, shaving equipment, hairbrush etc). Everything else – including towels – will be provided by your homestay.

Location of homestays

Our homestay families are located all over Oxford, although most of them are in the north. This is one of the best parts of the city for homestay and there is an excellent bus service, with dedicated bus lanes.

Students sometimes request a homestay in the city centre, but as the city centre is mostly university colleges, shops and businesses, very few local residents live here. So it's usually impossible to find homestay places in the city centre itself. A small number of our homestay places are within walking distance, and most of our homestay places are only 15 – 25 minutes by bus.

Accommodation Manager

Our Accommodation Manager is based in our school reception area, in the heart of the school and next to our student lounge, and throughout the day she is always available to answer students’ questions, deal with requests and to help with any problems.

Our homestay places range from single pensioners to families with several children, over a wide range of ages. Everyone is different, and individual students have their own preferences – some would like to be in a busy house with lots of people, while others prefer quiet; some like pets, some don’t, and so on.

What to consider when you book

Our booking form asks students about some of these preferences, but if there are any other special requests you would like to make, please note these separately. We can never guarantee to match exactly any special requests, but we will always do our best!

Please note that we can usually satisfy any special dietary requests, but if this means the homestay host has to buy and prepare different food, in most cases there is an extra charge for this.

After you have booked

We will usually reserve a homestay for you as soon as you have booked and paid, although if there are any special requests or unusual circumstances it may take longer.

As soon as we have reserved a homestay for you, we will send you full details of the homestay, including their address and a link to a map.

Last-minute changes

Unexpected events – illness, perhaps – can mean that students and homestay hosts alike have to change their schedules. Please be aware of this, but you can be sure that if a homestay becomes unavailable at the last minute, we will book another homestay for you and let you know immediately.

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People in this conversation

  • Guest - Ruth

    Hello, my name is Ruth, from Spain. My son and a friend of him are going to study at City of Oxford College with the Wasps Rugby AASE program. They will be staying the whole academic year, from july 18th 2019 to july 3rd 2020.
    They are from Spain, they are both 16 and we would like to find a family where they could both stay together, if possible, near the college or well comunicated.
    I would appreciate if you could give me information of the availability, options (breakfast, dinner, laundry, etc.) and fees.
    Thank you and kind regards

  • Guest - Yali Chen

    I am Chinese from Switzerland. I am visiting academic in Oxford till 31 August 2019. I am looking for a native family and for improving my English.

  • Guest - Sara Contu

    My name is Sara, I'm 24 and I'm from Italy. From September up to December I will start an internship at University of Oxford, so I'm looking for a room for this period. I'm a quiet person, I don't smoke, I'm a cheerful girl, reliable and responsible.
    Thank you for your time and consideration.

    Kind Regards,
    Sara Contu

  • Guest - Richard

    Offer 2 bedroom annex for students . Includes kitchen and shared sitting room. TV and internet available

    from 10 Oxford Rd, Old Marston, Oxford OX3 0PQ, UK
  • Guest - Nancy

    Thanks for everything! The best teachers and administrative staff are always ready to help you. If you want to learn English in Oxford, it's the best place.

    from Spain
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