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General English details

General English 15 (morning)

This is our most popular English language course, largely for the simple reasons that lessons are in the morning, and end at 12:30 (our General English 20 ends at 13:35, and our Intensive English 30 course at 16:00 or 17:15.)

We have classes at all levels:

  • A0 (Beginner)
  • A1 (Elementary)
  • A2 (Pre-Intermediate)
  • B1 (Intermediate)
  • B2 (Upper Intermediate)
  • B2E (Upper Intermediate exam)
  • C1 (Advanced)
  • C2 (Proficiency)

We use course books published by the UK’s leading suppliers (Oxford University Press, Cambridge University Press and Pearson produce many of the books we use), continually reviewing the latest editions and switching to them when they appear. Titles we use include English File, Speak Out and Navigate.

Your textbook is included in the free welcome pack on your first day.

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General English 15 (afternoon)

Our General English 15 afternoon courses are designed in the same way as the morning General English 15 courses and focus on the same areas, but use different textbooks. This enables students to take both the morning and the afternoon courses, strengthening their skills and building greater confidence.

The afternoon General English 15 course is cheaper than the morning course, simply because some students prefer to study in the morning and to have free time in the afternoon. Not everyone feels this way, and the lower price helps to persuade others to change their minds! The result is a busy school in the afternoons as well as in the mornings.

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General English 20

Our General English 20 courses are enhanced version of our General English 15 course, with one additional hour per day of lessons in specific academic areas. This extra hour is a separate and valuable course, enabling students to strengthen their English language skills, using a range of subjects from history and politics to British food and entertainment, to activate their speaking, reading, writing and listening skills.

Students in an exam class will also have the opportunity during this hour to work on exam strategy and test practice.

These classes are usually smaller than the General English 15 classes, and give students greater opportunity for individual work with their teacher.

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Intensive English

Our Intensive English courses are for students with the ambition and the desire to work hard to achieve even greater progress in their English. This course is more demanding than our General English 15 and 20 courses, and students study both morning and afternoon – but if you really want to move ahead quickly, this is the course for you.

As with the General English 15 and 20 courses, the focus of the Intensive course is on the four key language skills – reading, writing, listening and speaking – plus additional work on vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation.

Students at B2 or above have the opportunity to join our Fluency course in the afternoons, where the focus is on listening and speaking. The Fluency classes are usually small, and students are able to make significant progress in their conversation skills.

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  • Guest - Osman Berzah Zaloglu

    Dear Sir&Madam,
    I would like to attend the General English Courses (morning or afternoon classes) at Oxford School of English and would like to get an IELTS certificate at the end. My English knowledge level is A2, that's why I would like to attend the courses beginning with pre-intermediate level. My plan is to attend the courses for more than 36 weeks with an accomodation opportunity, which you may provide me. I would like to learn how much I have to pay for the morning and afternoon courses (min. 36 weeks) and the accomodation (private room with bathroom, if possible) for this period. Could you please provide me the total price, which I will have to pay?
    Thank you very much for your nice support.
    Kind Regards,
    Osman Berzah Zaloglu

    from Istanbul, İstanbul, Turkey
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