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At Oxford School of English, we believe that students, employers and educational institutions can benefit from a precise knowledge of the language levels achieved by our students. Because of this, all our classes are closely tied to the Council of Europe Common European Framework of Refererence for Language (CEFR), an internationally-recognised system of measuring proficiency in languages, and the Association of Language Testers in Europe (ALTE) frameworks.

We have an excellent range of English courses for all levels, from Beginner (CEFR level pre-A1) to Proficiency (CEFR level C2). You can choose how many hours you study every week, so you can fit your studies around your other commitments, and our courses are designed to suit all budgets.

Our classes are made up of a mix of nationalities and ages, and the teachers’ approach will reflect this, giving everybody an equal chance to participate. Teachers will use pairwork and groupwork to encourage learner autonomy, so that you can use every opportunity to learn and acquire the language.

All our courses will help you to:

  • communicate effectively and appropriately in different situations
  • express your ideas and opinions clearly and accurately in different situations
  • understand what you read or hear in different situations and registers
  • speak and write accurately and naturally in a range of styles, situations and registers

To help you to do this, our lessons focus on all aspects of the language:

  • structure - you will learn how to use grammar and vocabulary naturally in appropriate situations, focussing on the functions and contexts of different structures
  • skills - a wide variety reading and listening texts are used to improve your skills, and you will write and speak in authentic situations to build your proficiency and confidence

Our courses include regular progress tests, so that you can see how well you are doing, and identify the areas you need to work on. We encourage students to take external English language exams so you can show employers and academic institutions what you can do in English.

If you have any further questions, please email us

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People in this conversation

  • Guest - Anastacio

    Hola soy de México adulto mayor 63 años y quiero aprender inglés a través de sitio web

  • my name is Abdirahman i came from Somalia , Berbera a piece country in East Africa i want to develop my English ability.
    also i thank to your effort really.


    from Berbera, Somalia
  • Guest - Andrea Dominguez Carvalho

    Hello, Do you have free classes in university or groups of conversation?

    Other question, Can I visit the university or library? Free access?


    from Brazil
  • Guest - Jenny

    my name is Jenny and I am 19 years old. I am from Germany and I would like to improve my language skills. The "problem" is that I am here as an au pair for a family who lives near Woodstock. Which means that I do not have much time.
    I would like to visit a language course for maybe two or three months and more if it is convenient for me. Is there any choice that I can visit courses between 9.45 am to 1.30 pm (most likely on Tuesdays and Fridays, maybe Thursdays)? Because that are the only times where I have time.
    Could you please send me a budget? I do not need an accommodation.
    I thought about starting in November.
    And are your courses preparing me for the CAE too? Because I would like to make the CAE.
    Thank youu very much.
    Best regards,

    from Woodstock OX20, UK
  • Guest - Carole Coicaud

    My name is Carole, I'm 53 years old, I'd like to improve my English for my own interest. I'd like to begin the 3rd of April for 1 month to begin and more if it's convenient for me.
    could you send me a budget for 15 hours per week and conversation plus homestay
    Best regards

  • Guest - ciro

    Hi, I'm interested in your school.
    I'm a university student of 26 years.I need to learn the language and to obtain an b2.
    For the start I hope to get to a2.
    I would spend three months in July August and September
    with family accommodation in Oxford.Thanks a lot in advance,I await your news

    from Italy
  • Hi
    I am interested in learning English.
    How much would be two weeks?
    Could you send me information about the courses that you do?
    I would like to do it in August.

    from 22520 Fraga, Huesca, Spain
  • Hi
    I am interested in learning English.
    How much would be two weeks?
    Could you send me information about the courses that you do?
    I need the acommodation.
    Thanks .

  • Guest - ALBA

    I am interested in taking English lesson for the First Certificate.
    Do you have any promotion?
    How much would be two months, 4h per week?
    Could you send me information about the courses that you do?


    from Oxford, Oxford, UK
  • Guest - Lesley Roper

    Good afternoon
    I am currently looking for an English Language Course during the summer (Prefer July) for an 11 year Italian student. Is this something that you would be able to accommodate?

    from Ipswich, Suffolk, UK
  • Guest - Stephanie

    I need more informations about acomodation and prices .tks

  • Hi Stephanie, have you checked our pricelist? https://oxfordschoolofenglish.com/public/pricelist_2016.pdf

    from Oxford, Oxford, UK
  • Guest - Arzu Gencer

    To whom it may concern

    We are sending you this mail from Turkey because we want to attend the Oxford summer school. We are students (aged 15) at Istanbul Lisesi, a special state school with a strong German department and we want to improve our English language skills and get a certificate which will help us to be able to go to a university in England or Germany. Our level at English is B1 or B2. Can you give us information about your courses, prices and the accommodation possibilities? We have passports but we do not have visas. Do we need an invitation letter from you to get visas? Thank you for your time.


    Arzu Gencer and Işıl Karadayı

  • Guest - Yesika

    Will you have English courses for 2 weeks for a 14 year old in Oxford? my mum's friend is sending her son for a small vacation and he'd love to get the opportunity to register in an English school and make the most of his time. If there is a suitable course, is there a phone number I can use to contact you directly for more information? Thanks a lot, Yesika

    from Banbury, Banbury, Oxfordshire, UK
  • Hi Yesika. Please contact us directly regarding your questions.
    Contact Us.

  • Guest - Ayat

    I have been given a scholarship from Sultan Qaboos University to study English for six months; to improve my English skills for my Masters Degree in Music.

  • Dear Ayat
    If you want to study in our school you can use our enrolment form or use the contact form to contact our registration office.

    from Oxford, Oxford, UK
  • Guest - Marta

    Hi, my name is Marta. I 've seen that in this academy there are English courses.
    I would start English classes and wanted to know as given in this academy , whether in speaking or just grammar. I would like speaking and then if you can get some official title of English,

    Kind regards

    from Chipping Norton, Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire OX7, UK
  • Dear Marta
    We can certainly offer you an English language course with a focus on speaking. From the start of our new term on 30 March 2015 we will be opening a fluency class. Please see a course description below:
    Our Fluency and Skills classes focus on functional English. Students are given task-based activities, dealing with topics from popular culture and current affairs to British history and social issues. The classes focus on fluency through a variety of role play, discussion, group work and presentations.
    Our fluency class is GBP 85.00 per week, and runs at 14:30 – 16:10 every day.
    If you would like to enrol with us, please follow this link to complete our online registration form
    If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me!

    from Oxford, Oxford, UK
  • Guest - brave

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    from India
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