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Welcome back!

We are now open again, with a surprisingly large number of students. Here in the UK life is beginning to return to normal.

It is quite easy for some people to travel to the UK and to join our school, and each week many new students enrol. You can also get a free Covid-19 vaccination when you are here.

First, you need to know if your home country is in the UK's Green, Amber or Red list. See https://www.gov.uk/guidance/red-amber-and-green-list-rules-for-entering-england

Alternatively check our Expert Online Specialist courses.


Please tell us when you would like to study by clicking

We will add you to our list of potential students and we will keep you updated.

Continuing Professional Development Policy

Oxford School of English is committed to teacher development offering a supportive environment for newly qualified and experienced staff alike and offering training opportunities suitable for teachers at all stages of their career. The following procedures are in place to ensure the needs of the individual teacher, the student and the organisation are fully met.

Trinity Diploma/Cambridge DELTA

Oxford School of English is keen to provide financial support for any staff wishing to study the LTCL Diploma TESOL or Cambridge DELTA, in return for a two-year commitment (upon qualification) to the school. Please ask the Principal or the Director of Studies for further details if you are interested.

Formal Observations

All new teachers will be briefly observed within their first month of service and monitored and appraised during the three-month probationary period. There will be at least one formal observation with a full lesson plan every year for all teaching staff. This will regularly take place in November before the staff appraisals. This is to ensure quality of teaching is being maintained and to identify any areas that needs addressing so that it meets the needs of the individual, the students and the organisation. Further observations may be scheduled with notice at a six-month interval. If a teacher wishes to be observed on a particular class at any time this can be arranged.

Peer Observations

Formal peer observations of other teachers are arranged each term. The Director of Studies will arrange for a lesson to be covered or one will be asked to peer observe at another suitable time. Arrangements can be made at any time for teachers to peer observe. This can be arranged and encouraged amongst the teachers themselves. A record of formally arranged peer observations are kept and teachers are encouraged to use a peer observation task or use their own notes. Any completed tasks or notes will be filed in the teachers' records file.

Staff Appraisals

Staff appraisals are conducted annually (preferably with an interim appraisal at a six monthly interval) and are linked to the school’s wider management of teaching staff which includes recruitment, induction, development and support, and problem handling. In other words, appraisals are just one part of the ongoing process of communication between management and staff. It is both developmental and evaluative, and is seen as an opportunity both to encourage and praise good work and to provide help with difficulties.

EFL Membership, Publications and Subscriptions

The school is a member of English UK, IATEFL and OXDOSA. The school also subscribes to the ELT Journal, EL Gazette, onestopenglish, Cambridge English Teacher, Teaching English.

June 2021
This policy is reviewed on an annual basis. However, if any issues relating to the policy should arise, the policy will be reviewed immediately.
Date of next scheduled review: June 2022

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