OSE gets top marks in latest ISI inspection

ISI certificate
Oxford School of English (OSE) has been given top marks in every category in our latest inspection by the Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI)

The ISI report says that Oxford School of English 'exceeds expectations for the quality of education', and continues:

  • The quality of the curriculum, teaching and learners' achievements is excellent
  • Course provision is excellent
  • Teaching is excellent
  • Teachers are experienced, well-qualified and have excellent subject knowledge
  • Students' achievement and progress are excellent
  • Students' welfare is excellent
  • Health and safety are excellent
  • Student registration is excellent
  • Pastoral support is excellent
  • Relationships between students and staff are outstanding
  • Leadership and management are excellent
  • Mechanisms to monitor quality and the tracking of student progress are excellent

The inspectors said that they found "a very high level of satisfaction with the quality of education provided by the school".

'Our ISI reports have always awarded "exceeds expectations" ', said Peter Thompson, Principal of OSE, 'but this is the best report yet'.

'Coupled with the recently-completed extensive refurbishment and the school's unique new look, this shows that Oxford School of English is genuinely one of the best English language schools in the world.'

The ISI is an approved Educational Oversight body authorised by the UK Home Office to inspect privately funded further education colleges and English language schools.

Oxford School of English

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