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University Summer Courses - Details Enrol now GBP 3,375 for 2 weeks - all inclusive

Building personal strengths

The first-rate academic content of our courses is designed to expand knowledge and understanding, and enhance critical thinking. Our programmes combine academic, cultural and social activities to generate significant attainments in a two-week period. Demonstrable outcomes include:

  • increased self-confidence and ease when meeting new people
  • greater independence
  • better understanding of different cultures

In short, the Oxford OSE experience gives students the opportunity to achieve substantial personal development in a very short time.

Extra-curricular programme

Punting on river Cherwell

Our programmes are intensive and ensure that our students are challenged and engaged throughout their stay – but we haven't lost sight of the fact that their visit should be fun too! This is work and pleasure combined, and in addition to the academic courses, our programmes include:

  • guided tours to key Oxford places of interest
  • a full-day excursion to London (by private coach)
  • a half-day excursion to Blenheim Palace (by private coach)
  • punting on Oxford's River Cherwell (chauffeur supplied if required!)
  • fun-filled evening activities (quiz night, film night, fancy-dress party etc)

Graduation ceremony and party

On the final afternoon of the course, we hold a graduation ceremony for all students. The Course Director and tutors give presentations and assessments of the students' work, praising outstanding efforts, and students themselves are invited to put into practice some of their new skills and to make their own short presentations. It's time to be proud of your achievements!

The Gala Dinner follows the graduation ceremony and, after that, there is a graduation party.

Meals & Gala Dinner

Hall set for banquet

Breakfast and dinner are taken in a university college dining hall, when students can dress informally. The Gala Dinner at the end of the course is a formal affair, however, and students should aim to bring formal clothes with them for this event (jackets and ties for men, dresses for ladies).

Course materials

All course materials are included in the programme fees, including textbooks, notebooks, maps, timetables and ID lanyards.


At Oxford OSE, the health, safety and well-being of each of our students is our highest priority. We go to the greatest lengths to achieve these aims, and in addition to constantly monitoring all aspects of the programme, we follow strictly all recommended and legal guidelines to ensure that all our staff meet our high standards.

OSE Oxford staff

In addition to our first-class teaching faculty (see below), you will be supported and cared for by a small dedicated team of staff, always on hand to help you out, throughout the day. A member of staff will also be very close at hand in your accommodation, should you need anything during the night.

Oxford OSE Academy Faculty

Course Director

Dr Sarah Ekdawi is a Faculty Research Fellow at the Oxford University. She holds degrees from Oxford (D.Phil.), Trinity College Dublin (M. Phil.) and King’s College London (B.A.) as well as diplomas in teaching and translating. Dr Ekdawi has been involved in university teaching (lectures, tutorials and seminars) since 1989 and is also a regular invited speaker at national and international conferences. In the current academic year, she has taught and given public lectures at both Oxford and Cambridge.

Tutors: overview

The OSE Academy team has been hand-picked by Dr Ekdawi and trained in Oxford tutorial teaching methods. All the tutors have excellent subject knowledge and relevant degrees from top universities but, unlike most university lecturers, they are also qualified teachers. Furthermore, the members of this team work together year round and are subject to rigorous quality control, not only by our college management team but also by external inspectorates. As regular contributors to the OSE staff, they have been assessed in the most recent external inspection (full details) as “exceeding expectations” and have been awarded the highest available grades for their teaching skills and subject knowledge.

Tutors by Subject

  • Creative Writing: Dr Sarah Ekdawi
  • Law, Medical Biology and Essay Writing: Sage Stevens
  • Business: Rosalind Farrell
  • Politics and Leadership: Alan Townsend
  • Philosophy: Daniel Weller
  • Politics, English Literature and Drama: Tom Hare Duke
  • Drama: Daniel Irving
  • Drama: Jeremy Wynne

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