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Medicine, nursing, law, engineering, aviation, tourism and hospitality - even political English for a high-ranking Georgian government official, taught on a one-to-one basis (as requested) by a tutor fluent in Russian - over the years OSE has supplied specialist English language courses for people from all professional walks of life.

Everyone has different strengths and weaknesses, and individual needs. Areas covered can include:

  • conceptual thinking (the western approach often varies from that in other parts of the world)
  • vocabulary, from legal and scientific, to colloquy and debate
  • pronunciation of complex words and terms
  • forms of address
  • writing style in letters and emails
  • presentations
  • cross-cultural communication – what is acceptable, and what is not


Our Professional English courses can be taken at any time, for any period: here in Oxford we can draw on a huge supply of outstanding teachers with skills in every area, and we can match the English needs of almost any student, whatever their profession.

In many instances, Professional English courses are requested on a one-to-one basis, but we can just as easily teach a group of students.

Accommodation can be provided in one of our exclusive shared apartments, or alternatively, in homestay.

Please contact us with an idea of your available dates and needs, and we will tell you how we can help you.

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People in this conversation

  • Guest - Girogia Mirto


    I'm searching for an intensive course on academic writing English, in order to get an official English certification and improve my academic writing too.
    I need that because I'm finishing my master and I would like to continue my studies with a PhD program in English language. I'm not affiliated with Oxford University even though I would like to join later.
    I'll be able to join the course since half of October.
    It would be possible joint to some of your program?

    from Italy
  • Hello Good day.
    I have a doubt referent to fluency skill course , Can be taken this course alone?, or this course is only a complement from the other course ?. I am interested in to take the fluency skills course, professional English course or business course. can you help me with information title more detailed referent to these courses?. Thanks. best regards!

    from Málaga, Spain
  • Dear Rafael,
    Thank you your message.
    The fluency course can be taken alone. It focusses on speaking fluency and vocabulary building with the aim inincreasing students' 'readiness' when conversing in different situations. It can also be taken as part of the intensive course which comprises general English in the morning and fluency in the afternoon. Only students with a high B2 level of English can enrol in the fluency class.
    The professional English and the Business English have the same structure:
    9:30 to 12:30 General English plus 5 hours 1:1 with a specialist tutor who will devise a course specific to your needs.
    If you are currently working in a professional capacity, we could tailor-make a course just for you as the general English classes may not be suitable.
    In the meantime, please complete our online placement test. The URL of the test was sent to you by email.

    Let me know if you have any further questions.
    Kind regards,

    from Oxford, UK
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