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Welcome back!

We are now open again, with a surprisingly large number of students. Here in the UK life is beginning to return to normal.

It is quite easy for some people to travel to the UK and to join our school, and each week many new students enrol. You can also get a free Covid-19 vaccination when you are here.

First, you need to know if your home country is in the UK's Red list. See https://www.gov.uk/guidance/travel-to-england-from-another-country-during-coronavirus-covid-19

Alternatively check our Expert Online Specialist courses.


Please tell us when you would like to study by clicking

We will add you to our list of potential students and we will keep you updated.

ISI Inspection 2021


The college exceeds expectations for the quality of education. At the time of the inspection, all Standards for Educational Oversight were met and quality is excellent.

The quality of the curriculum, teaching and learners' achievements is excellent. Initial assessment arrangements are thorough and accurate. Assessment data is used effectively to ensure students are placed in classes which effectively meet their needs and goals. Courses on offer to students on Student visas meet the definition of an approved qualification, as set out in the Home Office Guidance. Almost all students complete their courses and levels of student satisfaction are consistently very high. The quality of teaching and its impact on learning are excellent. Students benefit from highly qualified and experienced teachers who plan lessons very effectively. An excellent range of resources engages students and extends their developing language skills. Teachers use questioning very effectively to elicit and check learning. They provide high-quality feedback on students' written work, which very effectively supports improvement. Regular academic tutorials provide students with very good opportunities to obtain guidance on independent study. However, they do not always result in setting of specific measureable targets that can be subsequently monitored and reviewed. Students are highly motivated and enthusiastic. They make very good progress from their starting points.

Students' welfare, including health and safety, is excellent. Arrangements to ensure health and safety, and security of the premises, are highly effective. Health and safety policies are very effectively implemented. Students know how to keep themselves safe and what to do in the event of an emergency. The standard of the premises is excellent. Students benefit from a comfortable, centrally located, and attractive place to study. Student admission records are clear and accurate. Attendance rates for most students are very good. Managers have effective processes in place to make the necessary reports to the Home Office when required. Pastoral support is excellent. Staff provide very effective support and guidance. They closely monitor the welfare of students and take prompt and effective action when required. Managers place an important emphasis on safeguarding and implement a range of effective mechanisms to protect students in their care. Residential accommodation is clean, safe and very well managed and monitored.

The effectiveness of governance, leadership and management is excellent. The proprietor provides very effective strategic and operational oversight in line with the school’s aims and mission. Consistently high standards of education and student care are maintained with appropriate management of finances and investment in staffing and resources. Oversight of academic standards and safeguarding is effectively discharged to responsible and experienced senior leaders. Leaders and managers provide very clear educational direction. They understand the strengths of the school and identify appropriate priorities for improvement. Leaders and managers are successful in securing and supporting highly experienced and qualified staff. Arrangements for staff development are excellent. Staff feel valued and staff turnover is very low. Quality assurance arrangements are excellent. Effective processes are in place to deal with any student complaints. Managers effectively use examination attainment data to draw conclusions on overall achievement and to identify trends or areas for closer monitoring. However, the system for recording progress tests outcomes does not allow managers to easily monitor progress over time. Staff recruitment and selection arrangements are excellent.

The complete ISI Inspection Report 2021

Independent Schools Inspectorate English UK British Council

Recent enrolments

  • Germany Today Mariama
  • Thailand Today Nichakorn
  • Germany Yesterday Anna
  • Israel Yesterday Shir
  • Thailand Yesterday Peacha

Currently 74 students from 24 countries

  • Japan Japan
  • Germany Germany
  • Spain Spain
  • France France
  • Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia
  • Thailand Thailand
  • Turkey Turkey
  • Austria Austria
  • Iran Iran
  • Italy Italy
  • Poland Poland
  • Argentina Argentina
  • Belarus Belarus
  • China China
  • Ivory Coast Ivory Coast
  • Cyprus Cyprus
  • Dominica Dominica
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  • Mexico Mexico
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