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Welcome back!

We are now fully open again, with a surprisingly large number of students. Here in the UK life is almost back to normal.

You are very welcome to join us here, but if you can't travel to Oxford please take a look at our Expert Online Specialist courses.

School Recruitment policy

Overall aims

We have high standards in all we do in Oxford School of English and aim to further these by the recruitment of high-quality teaching and other staff. To this end and in keeping with current legislation on safeguarding children, we take the necessary steps whenever we recruit staff to the school to do everything we can to ensure the safety and well-being of all children and adults within the school.

Whenever we recruit teaching staff we bear several criteria in mind and actively seek to recruit teachers who are, or we believe would be:

  • appropriately qualified to British Council guidelines: TEFL Initiated (TEFLI) or TEFL Qualified (TEFLQ), and with, ideally, a first degree
  • experienced in ELT
  • professional in appearance and attitude
  • friendly and helpful
  • genuinely interested in the school and its development
  • genuinely interested in the students
  • enthusiastic about their profession
  • smartly-dressed (No blue jeans or T-Shirts)
  • able to devote some of their free non-teaching time to school activities in terms of our social programme
  • an overall asset to the school

Preparations prior to interview

Before inviting prospective candidates to interview they will be informed by email that they would be responsible for teaching persons under 18 and thus will be advised that:

  • references will be followed up
  • referees will be asked whether there is any reason that they should not be engaged in situations where they have responsibility for, or substantial access to persons under 18
  • all gaps in their CV will need to be explained satisfactorily
  • proof of identity (passport or equivalent) and proof of qualifications will be required
  • a full suitability check of criminal records must be provided before they commence employment. DBS checks are undertaken in the UK on their behalf but they will be responsible for the cost. Where one has been working outside the UK in the last 5 years, they will need to provide a police certificate of good conduct from the country(s) in which they are or were residing.


All prospective candidates should be interviewed by at least one senior member of staff, but ideally by both the Principal and the Director of Studies. All candidates should understand exactly what is required of the teacher, and the successful candidate should be given a full briefing by the Director of Studies.

Prospective teachers will observe classes and ideally teach a trial (demonstration) lesson prior to confirmation of appointment.

Prospective teachers will be asked whether they have a heath condition or disability in the interview so that reasonable adjustments can be made to enable them to do the job (in compliance with the Equality Act 2010).


At least two references should be taken up for each candidate, prior to appointment, one of which should be from their most recent employer. These may be given by telephone or in writing, but the referee should be contacted direct as it is a simple matter to write fictional CVs and forge references.


Successful candidates should:

  • provide a full, detailed CV (to be retained in the teacher's file)
  • provide original copies of all relevant qualifications and proof of identity. These must be photocopied and the photocopies endorsed with the phrase: 'original seen' and signed and dated by the interviewer. These photocopies must also be retained in the teacher's file.
  • complete the Employee Record Form
  • provide either a P45 or other tax form
  • be subject to an enhanced DBS disclosure (employment is conditional on a satisfactory report)
  • provide an Introduction to Safeguarding Training certificate within a week of acceptance of employment
  • provide a satisfactory explanation for all gaps in CV
  • provide the name of a next-of-kin and emergency contact number for use in the event of their being injured or falling sick

We should issue to the teacher:

  • contract of employment
  • job specification
  • employee handbook
  • new teacher induction pack, including a teacher handbook

Successful candidates are informed that:

  • there is a probationary period of three months (in the case of non-temporary teachers)
  • teachers will continue to be employed on a rolling contract after successfully completing the three month probationary period

Recruitment policy in relation to course types

All teachers must have an appropriate ELT/TESOL qualification in order to teach on our general English courses. Newly qualified teachers with no experience are typically given classes to teach at levels A1 to A2 (CEFR). They observe as many experienced teachers as possible, are mentored and are regularly observed by the Director or Assistant Director of Studies during the probationary period of three months. As their confidence and experience grows, they will be given the opportunity to teach higher levels.

Teachers with substantial experience and/or higher qualifications (DELTA/DipTESOL or equivalent) will be normally timetabled to teach levels B2 and above. Teachers with a track record of achieving good exam results will be asked to teach exam preparation classes. These teachers will also be asked when appropriate to mentor less experienced teachers teaching exam classes. To achieve this, both teachers will teach the same class over a term.

Teachers with specialisations in teaching EAL, Business English, Trinity and Cambridge exams, Young learners, ESP, will be given priority in teaching such classes. Training will be provided for any teachers who express an interest in teaching these classes but have not yet gained the experience or have the appropriate qualification.

Only teachers who are TEFLQ will be allocated EAP classes should they be running.

June 2022
This policy is reviewed on an annual basis. However, if any issues relating to the policy should arise, the policy will be reviewed immediately.
Date of next scheduled review: June 2023

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