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Attendance Policy

Our Aim: To promote a good academic environment with serious and dedicated students, and to ensure maximum progression is made throughout the student body.

Students of Oxford School of English are expected to attend all of their classes, every day. If for any reason they cannot attend we must be informed before their class starts for the day. We have strict disciplinary procedures to follow if a student continually misses classes, which may result in expulsion or, if the student has a visa, the student being reported to the UK Border Agency.

Class registers are checked on a daily basis, and any absences are noted by the Office Manager. Students with a Tier 4 (General Student) visa are required to check in and out of the school at reception.

Authorised Absence

  • Holiday:

    Any student who would like to take holiday must inform the school at least one week before the time they wish to take. A holiday form must be completed and the school will decide if the length and suitability of the break will affect the student’s progress. We will then decide whether to authorise the holiday.

    In the case of students studying with a visa, the standard holiday entitlement is set at 1 week (5 days) of holiday per 12 weeks of study; however, provided we are satisfied that the absence will not adversely affect their study, we may, on a discretionary basis, allow extra holidays. In such cases, this must be agreed in writing with the school.

  • Illness:

    If a student is feeling unwell and unable to come to school they must call or email reception before their lesson is due to start. If the student is still unwell after 3 days, they will need to bring in a doctor’s note when they return. Failure to call the school will result in the days missed as unauthorised absence.

  • Other:

    Sometimes a student will require time off for other reasons, such as University appointments or personal circumstances. Where possible, the student should tell us in advance of these days. If this is not possible the student must call before their class starts.

  • Under-18s (16-17) in adult school

    All under-18s in the adult school must sign a register every day before every lesson. This is monitored by reception and any 'missing&apo student is followed up by first checking the class (in the event they have forgotten to sign the register). If the student is absent without any prior warning, they are contacted within 30 minutes of their reported absence.

    Under 18s are indicated in the registers with 'U' and staff are also asked to inform reception of any absences straight away.

    All authorised absence is checked against the Parental Consent Form and/or will be previously agreed by the agent or parent.

Unauthorised Absence

Any day on which the student has not attended any classes, and has not informed the school by phone or email as to their non-attendance is counted as an unauthorised absence.

The school has strict procedures in place to monitor and act upon unauthorised absences. They are as follows:

Consecutive Unauthorised Days of Absence

If a student misses consecutive days the following action will be taken:

Day Action
1 No action
2 & 3 Telephone call from Office Manager
4 First written warning emailed to student
5 Agent/ Emergency contact is informed of unauthorised absence
7 Second written warning emailed to student
10 Review of student’s seriousness towards the school, if the student has a visa we will contact the UK Border Agency
20 Expulsion from the school

Non Consecutive Unauthorised Absence

If a student’s attendance falls below 4 contacts per week, over a number of weeks the following action will be taken:

Week Action
2 Verbal warning from Office Manager
3 First written warning given to student and agent/contact informed. Then the student will be required to attend a meeting with the Director of Studies
5 Final written warning given to student. Then the student will be required to attend a meeting with the Principal or Deputy Principal and the agent/contact will be informed
6 Expulsion from school and the UK Border Agency will be informed for visa students.

Students Who Fail to Arrive For a Course They Have Booked

Any student with a Tier 4 visa who does not arrive on their start date will be reported using the UK Border Agency Sponsorship Management system immediately.

For any other student from the EEA or with any visa other than Tier 4, we will immediately contact the agent (if applicable) or the student directly. If there has been no response within 3 days we will presume they are not arriving. If we are aware that a student has obtained a Student Visitor Visa or Child Visitor Visa from our school and may thus have travelled to the United Kingdom, we will send a letter to the Evidence and Enquiry section of the UK Border Agency.

If there is no valid reason for a student’s non arrival a refund will not be available.

June 2022
This policy is reviewed on an annual basis. However, if any issues relating to the policy should arise, the policy will be reviewed immediately.
Date of next scheduled review: June 2023

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