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Welcome back!

We are now fully open again, with a surprisingly large number of students. Here in the UK life is almost back to normal.

You are very welcome to join us here, but if you can't travel to Oxford please take a look at our Expert Online Specialist courses.

Join our Expert Online Specialist courses in:

  • Aviation English
  • Business English
  • Cambridge B2 First
  • Cambridge C1 Advanced
  • Cambridge C2 Proficiency
  • IELTS Cambridge OET (Occupational English Test)
  • Professional English
  • Teacher Refresher

We also offer private or group online pre-course and post-course classes to complement any face-to-face course.

All online lessons are taught by our long-established, experienced and first-class team of teachers (including some with PhD degrees, from Oxford and Harvard).

Our personalised online 1:1 courses are particularly popular. These courses are designed around the individual student’s specific needs and language goals. The student and teacher work closely together to ensure both are achieved.

We use several platforms including Zoom, Skype and Microsoft Teams.

  1. Online 1:1 General English or bespoke specialist courses (all prices GBP)
  2. PACKAGE 1 3 hours 202
    PACKAGE 2 6 hours 382
    PACKAGE 3 12 hours 720
    PACKAGE 4 18 hours 1012
    PACKAGE 5 24 hours 1260
    PACKAGE 6 30 hours 1462

    Registration fee GBP 30

  3. Package 1: (minimum 4 students):
    2-week course: 10 hours per week = 20 hours = GBP 600 (not including registration fee GBP 30)
  4. Package 2: (minimum 4 students)
    2-week course: 15 hours per week = 30 hours= GBP 750 (not including registration fee GBP 30)
1:1 cancellation or postponement policy
Oxford School of English requires at least 24 hours' notice for any cancellation or postponement of 1:1 lessons to enable us to refund the fees for the cancelled of postponed lesson.
Independent Schools Inspectorate English UK British Council

Recent enrolments

  • Brazil Today Edilberto
  • Japan Today Yuta
  • Japan Yesterday Haruka
  • Kazakhstan Yesterday Danagul
  • Portugal Yesterday Walter

Currently 122 students from 30 countries

  • Japan Japan
  • Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia
  • Germany Germany
  • Thailand Thailand
  • Turkey Turkey
  • China China
  • Spain Spain
  • Switzerland Switzerland
  • France France
  • Poland Poland
  • Russia Russia
  • Ukraine Ukraine
  • United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates
  • Brazil Brazil
  • Iran Iran
  • Israel Israel
  • Italy Italy
  • Korea, South Korea, South
  • Nepal Nepal
  • Austria Austria
  • Belgium Belgium
  • Domin Republic Domin Republic
  • Ecuador Ecuador
  • United Kingdom United Kingdom
  • Greece Greece
  • Saint Kitts-Nevis Saint Kitts-Nevis
  • Libya Libya
  • Myanmar Myanmar
  • Slovakia Slovakia
  • Syria Syria

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