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Welcome to Oxford School of English

Our central Oxford College

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Located in the very heart of the university city of Oxford, OSE (Oxford School of English) provides high-quality courses in English language and associated examinations. OSE is accredited by the ISI and the British Council.

See our latest ISI inspection report here.

English language courses


Our General English and Intensive English courses are designed to help students make rapid progress in English, and focus on the four key language skills – reading, writing, listening and speaking – with lots of additional work on vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation.

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IELTS exam courses


Our 4-week intensive IELTS preparation courses run throughout the year.

This course focuses specifically upon the exam itself and includes substantial work on academic reading, listening, writing and speaking, and frequent practice tests. Classes are small (maximum 8 students).

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Cambridge exam courses

Examination courses

Students in our Cambridge First Certificate (FCE), Advanced (CAE) and Proficiency (CPE) exam courses, take the exams here in Oxford, close to our college.

The courses include tutorials and practice tests, exam writing tasks, practice tests and full mock exams, with new afternoon classes focusing on exam writing and speaking.

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Academic Year Programme

Academic Year

Our Academic Year programme enables students to significantly improve their English level, study skills and their chances of entering a UK university.

This course is very flexible with a range of different options, and is always tailored to the needs of the student. For example, if a student already has a good level of English and wants to focus on academic skills (perhaps Writing or IELTS), these study elements will be built into the student’s individual programme.

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Business English for Executives

Business English for Executives

This course has been designed for business professionals who use English at work, are already at B2 level or higher in English, and need to expand their knowledge and ability.

  • 2 weeks
  • Designed for business professionals
  • Strategic boost to English usage in the workplace
  • Range of study options available
  • Specialist business areas covered by request
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Excellent and outstanding!

ISI inspection

For the sixth successive year, The Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI) awarded Oxford School of English (OSE) the highest grade in every inspection category in their most recent inspection.

The ISI says that OSE exceeds expectations for the quality of education, and marks our college as excellent in nine different categories, and outstanding in quality assurance. The report states that our premises are of high quality.

The ISI inspects more than 1,300 independent schools in England, including Eton, Harrow, Cheltenham Ladies' College and most of the UK's top schools. 80% of all children in independent education in England attend schools inspected by the ISI.

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Junior Summer School

Junior Summer School

The OSE Junior Summer School (operated by OSE (Juniors) Ltd) provides a memorable experience for students from all over the world, blending first-class English language tuition with masses of fun in a unique environment.

Now in its fifteenth year the Summer School has been hugely successful, gaining an international reputation and each year attracting hundreds of students from across the world.

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Teacher Refresher courses

Our 2-week teacher refresher courses are for overseas teachers of English who would like to update their knowledge of methodology and teaching materials, and to broaden their linguistic and cultural awareness.

The course explores recent and current theory and practice, focusing on methodology, materials and advanced language analysis. It also includes a range of social and cultural activities. The training style is interactive, with workshops as well as presentations, and intended to promote discussion.

This course is aimed at non-native speakers who have experience of teaching English and hold a teaching qualification from their own country.

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Google reviews

yagiz berke emekli

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Everything is beautiful. If you want learn English , you should go this school .


★ ★ ★ ★ ★


(Translated by Google) I think that it is an ideal environment. In a homely atmosphere, to is the distance between the teacher and students is close, I feel that it is very high-quality teaching.


★ ★ ★ ★ ★

The best school of English. Thank you Oxford School of English... Always in my heart! ❤

Barbora Koutníková

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

I spent 6 months in this school and it was so difficult to say goodbye.

This school is just great!! So nice, kind and professional teachers. I love them all. All staff is great there. Always ready to help you!

If you donť speak English- go there, if you do- go there anyway. It is a really good experience, you can find new friends from the whole world and have a great time!!

seyma utanir

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

It was a good experience for me.Teachers ,staffs are very helpful and students are good.I recommend this school for everyone who wants to study in oxford and improve their english as well.

oluwole ayoade

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Good school I come back

DanceFor Hearts

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Awesome school, great teachers!

Joanna Baranowska

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

The best school in Oxford! Had a lot of fun there :) highly recommend it

Daniele Marini

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Una scuola simpatica e accogliente, a prezzi decisamente accessibili. Persone e luoghi che porterò nel cuore per sempre, come la bellissima ragazza italiana che suonava il pianoforte durante gli intervalli delle lezioni. Insegnanti e personale sempre disponibili, grandi lavoratori. Ciao, Oxford School of English,

If everything will go well, I'll come next year to complete my course and take the CAE Exam. I wrote that you'll be in my heart foreveer, and I realized only after that a lot of people wrote "heart" in almost all the comments. It's not a concidence.


Townhouse apartments

Kennett House

Our townhouse apartments are spacious, stylish and extremely comfortable.

  • 2 bedrooms (double beds), 2 bathrooms (one en suite)
  • very large kitchen, dining and sitting room
  • free WiFi
  • washing machine and drier
  • oven and grill
  • dining table and chairs
  • lovely vibrant area with lots of shops and cafes
  • only 15 minutes from the city centre
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Homestay accommodation

Homestay example

Most of our students choose our homestay option. Living with Oxford residents is a great way to learn more about the UK and British culture, and of course it's a lot easier in many ways than living in an apartment, as the host does all the food shopping and cooking, the cleaning, and even your laundry!

We have some 400 homestay families in and around Oxford. Every homestay is different and we always do our very best to place students in a homestay that matches their needs as closely as possible – though of course, to do this we need clear and accurate information from students at the time of booking.

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  • Dear Sir/Madam,
    I am interested in a 2 week intensive English course starting in early July. Can you offer a suitable course?

  • Dear Lucy,

    Thank you for your submission and interest in our school. We can certainly offer a suitable course for you.
    Our Intensive English 30 course is designed for students who wish to make rapid progress in their language through total immersion in an English speaking environment.
    The course focuses on the four main language skills, reading, writing, listening and speaking, with work on vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation. The course aims to improve a student’s level of English in all areas, rapidly and effectively.

    Your 2 week Intensive Course will cost 328 GBP per week, plus a 65 GBP per week. In total, this will cost 721 GBP.

    If you require accommodation, we have homestay and residential options available. A standard homestay costs 175 GBP per week plus a 25 GBP accommodation finding fee.
    You will have your own room and share the bathroom with others. The residence costs 250 GBP per week plus a 250 GBP residential deposit and a 25 GBP accommodation finding fee. You will have your own room and bathroom. The kitchen and living facilities are shared with another student from our school.
    Please note that we currently have only 2 rooms available in the residence at the beginning of July.

    Kind regards

    from Oxford, UK
  • Dear Sir/Madam,
    I would like to improve my English and I want to study a 2-week Intensive English course from March 12 to 23.
    For accommodation, I would prefer to stay in a single room (homestay). How much does the course and accommodation cost?

    I look forward to hearing from you.
    Yours faithfully,

  • Dear Domingo,
    Thank you for your submission and interest in our school. I can confirm we have availability for your course and accommodation choices.
    Your 2 week Intensive Course will be 328 GBP per week, plus a 65 GBP registration fee. In total, this will cost 721 GBP.
    Regarding accommodation, a standard homestay (single room) will cost 175 GBP per week, plus a 25 GBP accommodation finding fee. In total, this is 375 GBP.
    If this sounds good to you, please can you let me know and I will send you an invoice.
    Kind regards

    from Oxford, UK
  • Dear Pavel,
    Thank you for your message.
    We can certainly offer you a 2-week Intensive English course. The Intensive course is 30 hours per week, Monday to Friday. The cost of this depends on whether you pay for the booking this year or in 2018.
    If you book in 2017 we can offer you the 2017 price of 295 GBP per week plus a 55 GBP registration fee.
    If you book in 2018 the price will slightly increase to 328 GBP per week plus a 65 GBP registration fee.
    The Fluency course does not run all year round, and students must be a minimum of a high B2 level in English to take this course. If you are Elementary / Pre-Intermediate level, the Intensive English course is best for you.
    All students take an English test on their first day at school, and from the results the Director of Studies will place them into the correct class for their level.
    Kind regards

    from Oxford, UK
  • Hello,
    I would like to take a course at OSE next January and I wonder if you have an Intensive course in your General English course for 2 weeks (for Elementary and Pre-Intermediate as well). If yes how much is it; is there any difference in price of both (General vs Intensive)? What is the difference between Intensive General English and Fluency Skills course. If you have a description of the program for Intensive (General) and Fluency course please send me to my email. Also we want to know if you have any tests to prove our current level of EFL knowledge before we apply. Thanks in advance!

    Comment last edited on about 1 year ago by Super User
    from Nakhabino, Moscow Oblast, Russia
  • Hello,
    Have you got any courses for 8-years kids?

    from Russia
  • Unfortunately not. The minimum age is 16.

    from Oxford, UK
  • Dear sir / Madame:

    How are you? This is Grace from China.

    Susi ,who works in British Council introduced your school to me.

    I wanna cooperate with you about the summer camp on hand,

    where the children's ages range from 10 to 18.

    Could you please provide me with a two-week schedule?

    On weekdays, the children have English courses in the morning and outdoor activities in the afternoon. They have mixed classes with the students from other countries from Monday to Friday. What's more, they have a tour on weekends. London is a necessary station, and they all live in homestay families. Could you plz send me the schedule and quotation?


    Best wishes


  • Dear Grace, thanks for your request. Our office will be in touch with you very soon. Meanwhile you might like to check our Junior Summer School homepage for more information about our summer camp.
    Kind regards

    from Oxford, Oxford, UK
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